Code with Yetty

Are you passionate about coding?

I have a vast number of experience teaching and mentoring people across all ages in Javascript, Ruby, Python and AI skills. I have built a curriculum that has proven to be useful. This curriculum is built across different ages and levels of expertise(newbies, and intermediates).

Are you a professional wishing to delve into the burgeoning field of Python Programming or/and AI and merge that with your current skills? The challenge is always there on which educational platform is the right fit. Often times, the desire is to learn industry specific skills focused on your interest or existing technical skills, but sadly most existing curriculums may be over generalized and too out of focus. This is the case of one of my students who is a Cyber security consultant interested in merging Cyber security and AI.

At Oluwayetty services, we create bespoke curriculums tailored specifically to meet your learning goals and aspiration. This is why we have flexible schedules for you. Our teaching methodologies that have proven effective enable you to acquire your intended skills in the shortest possible time that you want.

We also offer group classes for people who cannot afford my private class. A group class is cheaper but may not avail you the opportunity to move at your own pace since there are other students in the class. Nevertheless, all students in a group class are going to receive the same lessons/curriculum as private lessons.

Do you prefer to learn in a group setting? Discounted classes are available for groups of 3 or 4.

Group of 3: $13 per hour
Group of 5: $10 per hour

Are you a corporate entity committed to the development of your employees? We got you covered with our corporate training packages tailored to meet the need of your organisation. Just like my cyber security student, your employee skills can be upgraded as well.

For group classes or corporate bodies enquiries, kindly contact me via

I look forward to meeting you in class.